Dart Shirts

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Brenda Roush Signature

Queen Bee

A beautiful, professional looking dart shirt to match the player and her representation of our game.

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Broken Board

Color Block Over a Dart Board

A popular design now run in multiple colors. Contact us if you'd like to change the color.

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The Cricket Fan's Dart Shirt

This dart shirt was designed for the cricket fan.

The completed number score polka dots, and the White Horse, of course.

We're certain you can wear this shirt proudly as a fan of the game and be comfortable tossing in those 9 marks.

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Dream Killer

A Brandon Neal Signature Shirt

Another pink design from the mind of Brandon. This one is bold and beautiful.

To add your name, change colors, or for additional sizes, contact us on Facebook today.

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Are the darts falling?

Hope it wasn't a bounce out...
This shirt is sure to be a favorite. Dark blue and black with neon green accent.

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Almost as Green as the Island Itself

The colors from the flag of Ireland, in a most comfortable shirt to throw darts in!

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Johnson Signature

From the Mind of Brian Johnson

Brian asked for a dark shirt and a more abstract design, and we delivered this beauty.

With the feeling of a creative street artist, the colors and design comprise a well composed shirt which looks good with or without text on the back.

Contact us on Facebook to customize with your name today!

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Logo 18

White Horse Darts' Logo on a Stylish Dart Shirt

A large White Horse Darts logo on the back with another on the sleeve. The horse head on the breast rounds this shirt out.

100% polyester. As with every dart shirt, contact us if you'd like custom colors.

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Logo 20

Logo Dart Shirt

This is our logo dart shirt that came out in 2020. It is a faux heathered white shirt, and looks good with jeans or slacks.

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Logo 21

Logo Dart Shirt

This dart shirt features the White Horse Darts logo on the back in multiple colors.

The shirt is very sharp, and you're sure to stand out wearing it.

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Old Glory

For a Patriot Like Yourself

The US flag, in a stunning shirt. One of our most popular designs. Get yours today!

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Phares Signature

From the Mind of Ben Phares

Ben wanted a more dynamic design using colors from his old softball jersey.

The back design is beautiful chaos while the front keeps our class with sharp, stunning lines.

Customize with text on the back or enjoy the shirt as is. Contact us on Facebook to add your name! As Ben would say, "Do it now!"

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Who Doesn't Love Tacos?

Not much else to say...
You must have this limited edition shirt!

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Thats Hot

Stylish Hot Pink

As Paris Hilton would say, "That's hot."

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The Captain

Make it So!

Tanner Picard is 'The Captain'
His nickname is a play on Captain Picard from Star Trek, so the shirt is themed in that same manner.