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Buttoned Dart Shirt
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From the Mind of Brandon Neal

Being a fan of White Horse Darts' style and Gary Anderson, Brandon wanted to do something with plaid sleeves and pink. Yes, there's pink in the shirt and it looks awesome.

Before being sponsored you could see Brandon wearing pink (salmon) an awful lot. Now all you see him in is White Horse Darts apparel, we're certain.

Contact us on Facebook if you'd like your name on this shirt, using pink, of course.

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Product Image
Dart Shirts (Jerseys)

Our dart jerseys are made for every day and their designs are created with a focus on simplicity.
Our jerseys are 100% polyester, lightweight material and are almost certain to be the most comfortable shirt in your closet.

This (and all of our jerseys) are excellent for:

  • Throwing darts.
  • Playing golf with Jordan Spieth.
  • Getting things done in a cubicle jungle and impressing middle managers with your sense of style.
  • Sitting down to NetflixTM and chill.

We know that if you wear our jerseys, relax, and follow through, you will throw better than if you don't.

T-Shirts (Tees)

Our T-Shirts are some of the most comfortable shirts you can find. Soft and stylish, you will no doubt be in love with these tees and find yourself wearing them all the time.

This (and all of our tees) provide the most comfort when:

  • Throwing darts.
  • Snuggling with your significant other.
  • Making a sammich.
  • Hanging out with friends and/or family.
  • Napping.

We know that if you wear our tees, relax, and follow through, you will throw better than if you don't.